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Getting the Offer Accepted!

Getting the Offer Accepted!


RICHMOND HOMESThe National Association of Realtors just released their Pending Sales Report which revealed that buyer demand is at its highest point in three years. At the same time, the supply of homes for sale has dramatically dropped  in the last several months. That has created a real estate market not seen since boom times of the last decade. We are beginning to see bidding wars in most price points in almost every market.

The challenge becomes how to help buyers make an offer that will ensure that they are the winning bidder when they finally find the home of their dreams. (This afternoon at 2PM Eastern Time we will deliver a FREE webinar addressing this exact point.)

To better the chances of an offer being accepted, a buyer should consider three things:

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

Sellers develop their own personal feelings on the buyers that come through their house during the selling process. Those feelings often impact the seller’s thinking when deciding on an offer. Put your best foot forward right from the first time you meet the homeowner.

10% different can be 100% better.

This marketing axiom applies to a buyer’s offer. What can you do to set yourself apart from the other offers? We are not just talking about price here. Think outside the proverbial box.

This is not 2011!

Two years ago, inventory levels, the direction both house prices and mortgage interest rates were headed all favored the buyer. Things have dramatically changed. The buyer must understand the scope of these changes and what impact they will have should the buyer decide to pass on a current opportunity.

We will go into more detail on each of the points mentioned and explain how to craft an offer that makes sense on this afternoon’s webinar, Getting the Offer Accepted: Guiding Your Buyers to Victory in a Multi-Bid Environment.

by The KCM Crew on May 1, 2013